“Why We Should Worship Our Family Deity: 10+ Important Facts”

A Family Deity, also known as a Kula Deivam or Kuladevata, is a specific deity that a family or clan worships through generations. This practice is particularly prevalent in Hindu traditions, where the family deity is believed to offer protection, prosperity, and well-being to the members of the family.

"Why We Should Worship Our Family Deity: 10+ Important Facts"

TITLE:-  “Why We Should Worship Our Family Deity: 10+ Important Facts”

The family deity is the god who protects and watches over a community. It is the most powerful god among all the gods.

Our family deity is kind and grants us blessings. It also rewards us for worshipping other gods.
Although the family deity may appear small, its power is immeasurable. We should never underestimate its importance.

Even Yama, the god of death, can only take someone’s life with permission from the family deity. The family deity is the spirit of a holy ancestor who has become a god. These ancestors have the ability to protect and guide their descendants. That’s why they are called family gods. They can also help remove the effects of bad actions or karma.

If someone has a lot of karma, they will still be supported by their family deity. When we want to know about our family, we can ask the family deity, but it won’t speak on its own. Some people, like witches, wanted to control the family deity using black magic.

However, there are family deities who cannot be controlled in this way and can even punish those who try. People usually worship two family gods. One is the goddess of the house where they were born, and the other is the god of the house where they get married. Worshiping the family deity of the birth house once a year brings protection for the entire year.

The family deity of the marital house gives strength to face any challenges. Black Magicians can easily obtain the details of other people’s deities through the angels they possess.
There are also deities that are not bound by magical shackles.

They are also said to destroy those witches. Those holy souls are their clan. They have the power to protect their loved ones. That is why those deities are specially called as family deities. Family deities are also capable of removing karma. He who has too many karmas may not even know the family deity.

Generally, God has created only women as worshipers of two clan deities. A deity in the house of birth and a deity in the house of entry. Those who worship the family deity of the house of birth before marriage start worshiping the family deity of the husband’s house after marriage. The family deity of the house of birth should not be worshipped.

To ensure the prosperity and well-being of the family, it is crucial to worship the family deity. They have a significant impact on one’s life, and without their blessings, other religious practices may not yield desired results.

Hinduism emphasizes spiritual growth through meditation and penance. However, the family deity plays a special role in providing blessings for a fulfilling worldly life. A yearly worship to the family deity of the house of birth will protect them throughout the year.

Penetration in the house gives an energy to overcome any problem. If no one has worshiped the family deity of the birth house before, worship the family deity of the birth house during the festivals. It’s advised to visit the temple of the family deity at least once a year and perform rituals and prayers.

If there is kuladeiva dosha, the grace of other deities is not available. If one does not have the permission or the favor of the family deity, it is doubtful whether one performs powerful homam, yaga, or visits to temples to give the expected results.

It’s believed that a family can have up to 13 generations of descendants who continue to worship the family deity. After this limit, the family deity’s protection may decrease, leading to various problems for the family.

In conclusion, the family deity is the powerful protector of a community and its members. Worshipping and respecting the family deity is considered essential for a prosperous and happy life.


What is the importance of Worshipping family deity?
Our forefathers had chosen appropriate Kuldevta or Kuldevi or the deity of family and initiated the practice of worshipping them. The purpose was to ensure that the spiritual powers of these rishis should help us live positively and remove negative influences from our lives.
What is the meaning of family deity?
Kula Devatha’ or Tutelary/Family deity refers to male or female, God/Goddess, Sub or Demigod Goddess, whom a family worshipped traditionally through generations. Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deity is the foremost God in each one of the families of earlier generation, who mostly lived in the villages.
What is the significance of Kula Devata?
Worshiping the Kula Devata is akin to worshiping the ancestors. Every Hindu from any corner of the world knows his/her Kula Devata and it may look that this practice is unique to Hindus. But, all the pagan cultures from time immemorial have celebrated their ancestors and their Kula Devata.
How do you know your family deity?
Kula Deivam is the patron deity of your lineage. Some families have more than 1 deity. The easiest way to know your Kula Deivam is of course by knowing the ancestral village of your patrilineal lineage (father’s side).
What is the significance of the deity’s role?
Deities are created by humans – usually in their image – to express our sense of where we came from and to express a sense of significance and protection. Deities are believed to be aware of us and our needs. They are ultimate progenitors and ultimate parent.
What deity is associated with family?
In Greek mythology, Hestia is the Goddess of home, of home life, and family.
What is the meaning of DeitY worship?
Deity worship means caring for the Lord as a person.
Who is the Hindu DeitY of family?
The word “Lakshmi” is derived from the Sanskrit word Lakshya, meaning “aim” or “goal”, and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. She is the household goddess of most Hindu families and a favorite of women.
What is the power of Kuladeivam?
As kula deivam (family god/goddess) is also like our guru, they take care of our complete being to balance subtle body, soul, chakras, kundalini Skathi, karmas etc along with complete protection – very well happens for many people which is a miracle only.
What is the power of kuldevi?
The grace of Kuldevi is very important for strengthening the financial situation, maintaining family happiness and staying healthy. The Power Of Kuladevata/Kuldevi Puja. Our forefathers had chosen appropriate Kuladevata or Kuldevi or the deity of family and initiated the practice of worshipping them.
What is the concept of Kuldevta?
The concept of kuldevi/kuldevta comes from ancient times when sanatan dharma was not formed & there are tribal villages spread across the indian subcontinent. Kula-Deva is usually a deity which are chosen by the head of the family (for generations) and worshipped.
How to worship Ishta Devata?
Ishta devata worship can take many forms, from reciting mantras and performing puja rituals, to meditating on the qualities of one’s chosen deity. Through this practice, devotees seek to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them, and to ultimately achieve spiritual liberation.
Do deities have powers?
The exact qualities of a deity will vary from one belief system to another, but they generally have powers and knowledge far beyond those of humanity, often including omnipotence and omniscience.
What is the difference between god and deity?
In the English language, the common noun “god” is equivalent to “deity”, while “God” (capitalized) is the name of the unique deity of monotheism. Pantheism considers the Universe itself to be a deity.




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