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Mayamma, a revered spiritual luminary, lived on the shores of Kanyakumari. Her life was marked by profound wisdom and unconditional love for all living beings. Let’s explore some of the miraculous stories associated with her.

TITLE:- Devi Mayamma: The Mysterious Lady Saint of Salem

Devi Mayamma: The Mysterious Lady Saint of Salem

In an era like Kalyuga, we are ordinary people who only think that desire for money and having fun is religion. Due to such thinking man does not attain God. In this ongoing Kalyuga, man forgets that he is just a puppet. The thread of real life lies with God.

Man has become so blinded by greed that he has forgotten to differentiate between religion and unrighteousness. Ignoring God, he has completely moved towards impurity and by adopting this impurity he is continuing to commit sins.

People living on the streets, seeing rich people, curse God, saying, Oh God, why have you been so unfair to us? Why did you make us so poor? On the other hand, poor people also keep cursing God by making the same complaint.

On the other hand, middle class people also complain about the same. Then rich people, seeing millionaires, make the same complaint to God and this cycle continues. But this human body has forgotten that God has done justice to everyone that every human being has his own body, his own mind.

There is a universe full of mysteries which tells that real happiness resides in your heart, within your body, which we call soul. Many sages and saints have said that real happiness lies within you, you just have to search for it inside your body and not in the outside world which we know by the name of penance or meditation.

And find your real spiritual guru who will show you the path. They will help you in realizing your God i.e. attaining enlightenment and will guide you in how you should live your life.

People often forget that the aim of life is not to want money, but by giving happiness to others, by helping them, by growing trees and plants, by feeding hungry creatures and by doing all such works which are related to the welfare of others i.e. The happiness that comes from accepting living beings as our own and connecting with them is not found in any other thing.

According to Bhagwat Geeta, the first thing a man should do is to live his life with passion towards attaining salvation. I know that this is not easy in Kalyuga but it can be started.

An example of this inspirational story is the story of Devi Mayamma. I hope you will definitely learn something from this story.

Mayamma is a mysterious and revered figure in spiritual circles, particularly in the southern part of India. Let’s explore her story:

Mayamma’s Background:

Mayamma lived in the town of Kanyakumari, which is known for its spiritual significance and the confluence of three oceans. She was a pious woman who chose to live a simple and ascetic life. Despite her unassuming appearance, Mayamma held a profound spiritual presence.

Her Unconventional Lifestyle:

Mayamma wandered the streets of Kanyakumari, dressed like a beggar woman. People often mistook her for a thief due to her ragged clothes and unconventional behavior. However, those who looked beyond appearances sensed something extraordinary about her.

Silent Devotion:

What set Mayamma apart was her silence. She never uttered a word. Yet, her mere presence seemed to radiate spirituality and compassion. People began to recognize her as a saintly figure, despite her outward appearance.

The Miracle:

A small incident, considered miraculous by commoners, awakened people to see divinity in Mayamma. Her ways transcended societal norms, challenging people’s perceptions. Mayamma’s silent devotion and unwavering commitment to her spiritual path left a lasting impact.

Silent Presence:

Clad in humble attire and surrounded by dogs, Mayamma moved through the streets of Kanyakumari. Despite her unassuming appearance, her presence radiated spiritual brilliance.

People called her by various names: MayammaDevi MayammaMayeeMayee DeviMother, and Goddess of Kanyakumari.

The Miraculous Incident:

One day, a dog was severely injured after being run over by a speeding vehicle. Bystanders watched helplessly or unconcerned as the dog’s intestines spilled out. Mayamma, with her unwavering compassion, rushed to the scene.

She gently placed the injured dog on her lap and miraculously reinserted its intestines. The dog, which had been near death, suddenly came alive, looked at Mayamma with love, and ran away. This incident became the talk of the town, awakening people to see divinity in the slim, aged lady in torn clothes.

Mayamma’s Unspoken Miracles:

Mayamma didn’t perform miracles intentionally; they spontaneously occurred in her presence. Those who had previously ignored her now flocked to her with reverence and devotion.

Yet, Mayamma’s love extended to all living beings, unconditionally and absolutely. Her very existence was a blessing to everyone she encountered.

The Message of Universal Love:

Mayamma didn’t teach through words or writings; her silence spoke volumes. Her conduct and actions conveyed a powerful message:

  • Love all creatures.
  • See God in everything.
  • Work selflessly without expecting rewards.
  • Seek the kingdom of God within.
  • Float in the sea of pure consciousness.

The Remarkable Journey of Mayamma from Salem

Mayamma, a mysterious figure, arrived from an unknown place. The duration of her life remains a mystery to everyone. Once, a doctor examined Mayamma and made an intriguing observation. Although she didn’t breathe, she was alive. In fact, she lived for an astonishing 150 years. The doctor noted this remarkable feat.

Mayamma didn’t need to inhale or exhale, yet she continued to exist. Her secret lay in a state beyond mere breath—the state of liberation. When the time came, she transcended earthly existence and attained moksha (liberation). It wasn’t through the finality of death but rather through the ultimate state of yoga—union with the Shiva.

Upholding Dharma:

The concept of dharma (righteous duty) plays a significant role in the poem. Mayamma embodies dharma, which includes virtues, duties, and upholding goodness. Being dharmic means living life righteously, adhering to values, and practicing virtue.

Yudhishtira and Dharma:

The poem draws parallels with the Mahabharata, where dharma is central. Yudhishtira, the eldest Pandava, epitomizes dharma. His actions align with righteous conduct. Krishna emphasizes dharma to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war, emphasizing the duty of a warrior.

Draupadi’s Honor Saved by Dharma:

The story of Draupadi’s disrobing at the dice game is referenced. While popular belief credits Krishna with saving her honor, some texts attribute it to Dharma. Draupadi’s virtuous deeds and charity as the Empress of Indraprastha align with dharma. The verse “Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha” (dharma protects the one who upholds it) applies here.

The Mahabharata’s Message:

The epic Mahabharata reinforces the idea that where there is dharma, there is victory. Arjuna chooses Krishna (representing dharma) over his army, ensuring victory.

Dharma is not just a concept; it’s a cosmic force that guides actions and protects those who uphold it.

Liberation (Moksha):

The poem concludes with a philosophical twist. True liberation (moksha) occurs when the breath (prana) merges with cosmic consciousness (samadhi).

The ultimate freedom lies beyond physical existence, transcending the material world.

The Final Revelation:

The poet reveals that true liberation doesn’t come from earthly elements like soil (mud). Instead, it lies in the final state of yoga (union) with the divine— Lord Shiva.

Jeevasamadhi in Salem:

Mayamma’s final resting place, known as her Jeevasamadhi, is located in Salem, Tamil Nadu. A Jeevasamadhi is a sacred spot where a realized being chooses to leave their physical body while still alive.

Visitors to Mayamma’s Jeevasamadhi experience a serene and meditative atmosphere.

Spiritual Significance:

Mayamma’s life exemplifies the essence of dharma (righteous duty) and selfless service. Her silence spoke volumes about inner realization and the power of presence. Mayamma’s teachings, though unspoken, continue to inspire seekers on their spiritual journeys.


Sometimes people found her floating upon the waves. Her samadhi is a fantastic place, and there is one particular devotee, his face has become exactly like hers. Mayamma was… nobody really knows where she came from, but looking at her, physical features, most probably she came somewhere from north-eastern states, either from Nagaland or somewhere where the features are Mongoloid.

She could be from Tibet for all you know because I think she never spoke, is that so? She never really spoke. So she was in the town of Kanyakumari which is the very tip of southern India, Indian peninsula. So she just wandered the streets like a, like a beggar she walked around but with a different kind of pride in her and all the local dogs gathered around her and became her friends.

So she had built a whole dog family because she fed them. Whenever she got any food, she naturally fed them even if she didn’t eat. So she went to such extremes. In South Indian hotels, some of the dishes, you never buy them, I am telling you, some of the dishes are displayed in a glass case in front of a restaurant like idli, not idli usually, vada, some sweet and laddoos.

These are usually done on a holy day like a full moon day, they are “Today’s special.” So she would go to that extent that she would grab this food and throw it to the dogs. So there have been incidences where a few times she has been beaten up and abused and everything.

So she was getting the social harsh treatment because she’s seen just as an irresponsible thief, not as a saintly person because nobody could see anything saintly about her, because a saint means he must be dressed in such a way, there must be three lines on his forehead and he must say the right things and you know, he must be lifeless but she is spunky.

But sometimes people found her floating upon the waves, she was just floating upon the waves, that amazed people and they started looking at her with little more respect. Later on some person who was involved, in her old age, he brought her to a place called Salem and she lived there and she died there, she left her body there.

Her Samadhi is a fantastic place, fantastic means not in anyway, it’s just one cement thing, very barely built, a small house but it’s really strong, strong, strong it is. So I happened to be in a small hill station which is close to this place and that day happened to be a pournami, that is a full moon day.

So somebody was talking about this Mayamma, her Samadhi and many things I had heard about her from many people. So we thought we will drive down from the hill and just go there because it’s pournami evening, let’s see, and somebody came and said there is something special happening there on pournami evening.

So when I went there at 5:00, 5:30 in the evening there was nobody. So we went in and sat in a small room, just ten by ten kind of room with a large picture of hers. She looks totally weather beaten like most of the Tibetan women, just about the same kind of face. But it’s explosive, that place.

And there is one particular devotee, this is a man about fifty years of age at that time, his face has become exactly like hers. This man is a Tamil man, he can’t have Tibetan or Nepali or Nagaland features. He is a Tamil man; his face is almost like hers. Just the same his face has become. This is what devotion can do.

Devotion is always the quickest way because when you create unwavering emotion towards something, everything in you just gets focused. Not just your emotion, your mind, it takes it off completely. Your physical body also gets oriented towards that, your energies also get oriented towards that. And this man reshaped his face just like hers. His love for her is such, and I thought this is an incredible man.

Devotion just means this – it’s become a one-pointed consciousness. It is not wavering here and there, it’s just one way. Once everything is put… everything that is there in this being is put in one direction, things will happen in ways that you have not believed possible. I want you to just look back on the spiritual history of India. You will see devotees doing incredible things.

Things that happened around them are too magical for anybody to believe. They had no knowledge, they had no other mantra, tantra going with them. The only thing was single-pointed devotion, that’s all. Things that happened within them and around them are too magical for anybody to believe. Incredible things happened around them and millions and millions of people were moved simply by their presence. All they had is single-pointed devotion, that’s all.

Whenever I went, I go with some fruit, he gives me a can of wild honey from the place. He said, “I want to die as a yogi, not as a rogi.” _____ (Unclear) over fifty-five people were there to witness this. He just sat there and he left.


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