“International Women’s Day 2024 : A Powerful Speech On Women’s Day By Siddha Guru Shri Vasi Siva Sittham”

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

"International Women's Day 2024 : A Powerful Speech On Women's Day By Siddha Guru Shri Vasi Siva Sittham"

Date: Friday 8 March, 2024
TITLE:-“International Women’s Day 2024 : A Powerful Speech On Women’s Day By Siddha Guru Shri Vasi Siva Sittham”

It is a day to recognize and celebrate the progress made towards gender equality, while also acknowledging the challenges that women continue to face. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting women’s rights and empowerment in all aspects of society. It is marked by various events, including rallies, conferences, performances, and discussions, aimed at raising awareness about gender inequality and advocating for women’s rights. International Women’s Day also provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of women in diverse fields, including politics, business, science, education, arts, and community leadership. Additionally, it is a time to reflect on the progress made towards achieving gender equality and to renew commitments to further advancing the rights and opportunities of women worldwide.

Speech by Lord Vasi Siva Sittham,

Here, God has created woman and similar to earth they also possess the power of creation all the life forms. So What Guruji says is, gives that importance and as a minimum get the blessings of mother and it is very important. If we do that we win the kaalbhairava blessings. Though it is guaranteed that mother’s love is available always to every child.

Here, it’s said that women, like Earth, have the power to create life. A woman’s creative power makes her akin to God. Therefore, it’s important to give her due respect and seek blessings from her, as it’s believed to bring blessings from a divine force.

It’s advised not to get into conflicts with women as it may lead to unresolved issues. Trying to explain things to them might not always work, as women are seen as carriers of illusion (Maya).

Space, land and woman they are all the same so that is why we consider land as a mother. So they are the God By being the woman and Entire world is under the supervision of woman. This Stage is created by them.

As a woman they are having the highest power and in the spirituality they even not need to pursue to attain enlightenment. By Being a woman they are qualified already. They persist that strength to create, so only the man is required to pursue.

It’s emphasized not to leave any conversation unresolved with women. If conflicts arise, it’s important to address them and bring them to a neutral state. Ignoring them might result in negative consequences.

So realize this fat and don’t argue with women’s like at the same time of fighting. Show the first we need to appreciate before, god is the women because they are much closer, they have come up with the realization of God itself. We need to worship the women and then the God.

It’s recommended to treat all women, except one’s own wife, as mothers. Women, whether good or bad, are seen as carriers of Maya, which serves a purpose in clearing one’s karma. Don’t argue even with a child, because they can not compete with you and can not argue back with you. Because they all carry the energy Centre within them. So our father is the
reason that is the action that take place due to our birth, women held responsibility.

God poses the energy but creative power is kept with mother. He created the mother for the purpose of creation. So we get energy once submerged into water and creation took place is the way life is created. So mother is the carrier.

So even if at all any woman is punished in the stage that is the indication of destruction of this society. So notice this they no need to go through these tapas. They have already come here for the service tapas. They have not come here for spiritual growth so even if it is a Maya even if they are bad or good they both are descendants of good Maya or bad Maya.

Even the bad Maya is there for the reason to dissolve our Karma. To destroy the negative so they also need to be praised we should not be
arguing with them. In the way that makes them understand is need in need.

So Jivanmukti is already attained for a woman. Guruji was taught these lessons by Goddess Sri Lalithambika, where Sri Lalita, revered as a divine manifestation of the goddess Durga, presides as the primary deity. The tradition of Sri Lalita is rooted in the philosophy of Samayachara Sri Vidya, emphasizing the cultivation of knowledge and the eradication of ignorance from within. who always treated him like a child. She always kept guruji as a child she doesn’t trust our guruji that he can walk in this society.

But Still Our guruji came into this world for wellbeing of all the human beings. All over sutras States for the mother Shakti so those who fights or punish the women will not get enlightenment in this birth. This distraction is assured the moment we get into any kind of battle of punishing the woman.

Seeking blessings from one’s mother is emphasized, as it’s seen as a challenging task to get them even for Guruji. The energy point within the mother is directly safe garden every child that what guruji says Even when you cross any women give smile to them, leave them, with any kind of conflict Don’t argue, what is true they know! They already know the truth internally. Even if they don’t understand, trying to make them understand is futile.

While respecting women, it’s important to maintain distance, especially if they’re perceived as bad. So respect the Maya (good or bad) i.e. the woman (good or bad) both. Even if you have to lose with them do it because that is your winning.(By not engaging in conflicts with women, one might attain realization. Even if it’s not understood, accepting it and believing that both Maya’s originate from the mother herself can lead to increased awareness and realization.)

At that moment don’t try to prove yourself just move on. You are lose that is the victory because you give up your argument with that realization that you know it is the Maya itself which is playing. So accept it that doesn’t mean you know agreed to that action. You can stay away but conceptually don’t prove anything. They need to be protected (all kinds of women) anybody.

Even if you don’t understand this because mind always battles with you to make this fact clear set a side with those things just go with the belief that both the Maya’s are originated from the mother herself.

So if you go with this acceptance it will start function within you particulate within your system and rise your awareness. Help you for your realization. So as a mother to the each children she knows the situation of each and every kid. Where as the father he will look what is right and wrong.

During this satsang session, our Guruji experiences an unusual phenomenon where half of his forehead sweats while the other half remains dry. It’s believed that Guruji is in a heightened state of consciousness, capable of manipulating body temperature with his mind. This ability is attributed to the Sutra, which can cool down one side of his body while generating heat on the other. Sometimes, Guruji struggles to decide whether to cover up to ward off the cold or remove clothing due to the differing temperatures on each side of his body. It’s suggested that this unique ability can be used for healing purposes.







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