Dwarka is an ancient city in the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat. It’s known as a Hindu pilgrimage site. The ancient Dwarkadhish Temple has an elaborately tiered main shrine, a carved entrance and a black-marble idol of Lord Krishna. Dwarka Beach and nearby Dwarka Lighthouse offer views of the Arabian Sea. Southeast, Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary protects migratory birds and endangered species like the Indian wolf. 

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Top to bottom: Entrance gate of Dwarka and Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarka is located in Gujarat

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Founded byKrishna

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The sunken city of Dwarka – A legend or a myth?


The kingdom of Shri Krishna is not only on this earth but in the heart of every human being, but today we are going to show you the invisible kingdom of Shri Krishna which is not on the surface of the earth but in the sand of the depths of the sea.



Where once Shri Krishna had started his power, where every particle was witness to Krishna’s pastimes, today only the sound of the sea waves is heard. 

Situated at the confluence of Gomti River and Arabian Sea, it connects faith and history.


Even today this city is a land of gods for devotees. When we move towards Saurashtra district in Gujarat, spread over about 6500 square kilometers on the western coast of India. 

From a distance, the religious flag proclaiming Sanatan Dharma is seen tearing the sky, giving the message that,

From here begins the sacred abode of salvation, from here begins the penance and pilgrimage of Hinduism and from here begins the empire of Dwarkadhish, some part of which is today lost somewhere in the depths of the sea.


Today we are going to tell you about the discovery of Shri Krishna’s city of Dwarka which is amazing, unimaginable and unbelievable which was settled by Shri Krishna himself where he lived with his subjects.

Where was their kingdom but what happened after all that this entire empire got drowned in the infinite depths of the sea, so let us know the secret behind it. 

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The Sakan City of Dwarka A Legend and Amethyst Dwarka, the city of many gates, is one of the seven holy pilgrimage sites of India. 

It is important not only religiously but also archaeologically. Located on the western tip of the Saurashtra peninsula in the state of Gujarat. 

Dwarka is one of the Char Dhams and is known as Saptapuri city i.e. one of the seven holy cities to visit.

Although the mythological and historical background of Dwarka is shrouded in mystery. 

If we look at its mythological background, we will find that it was settled by Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, according to the holy book of Shrimad Bhagwat.

Krishna was born in the prison of Mathura, but his father Vasudev, keeping in mind his safety, brought him to Gokul. 

Where he was brought up, where he grew up performing Raaslilas with the Gopis and Radha, where he fought against his maternal uncle and the cruel king Kans of Mathura. 

Due to Kansa’s father-in-law Jarasandha attacking Mathura 18 times, he took all the people with him to the west, where Lord Shri Krishna decided to establish an island city. 

If mythological texts are to be believed, Shri Krishna entered the sea to establish Dwarka. Took land from the deity and got Dwarka built overnight by the great architect Vishwakarma.

This city surrounded by huge walls was an excellent example of architecture. The doors of this city, rich in wealth, were made of gold

If Hindu mythology is to be believed, Dwarka was built by Krishna near a place called Kush Sthali.

The city emerged rapidly. Thousands of people lived in about 900 palaces. The city was completely fortified and could be reached only by ship. 

But the city which Shri Krishna so lovingly built in the middle of the sea was a magnificent city. 

This lost city of Dwarka has become a topic of discussion all over the world today but the question is still the same: how did it sink? 

Friends, there are many stories and myths spread behind the sinking of Dwarka city. According to Mahabharata, Shri Krishna went towards the Pandavas. Participated in the Mahabharata war.

And in this war, Pandavas were victorious and Kauravas were defeated. Saddened by the grief of 100 sons. 

Gandhari got angry and cursed Shri Krishna that just as the dynasty of Kauravas has been destroyed, in the same way the entire Yadu dynasty will also be destroyed gradually. Slowly the situation started becoming tense in Dwarka.

After that, all the Yaduvanshis started dying fighting among themselves. After the death of all the Yaduvanshis, Balram also left his body.

After Balram left his body, Shri Krishna started wandering in the forest in sadness. While roaming around, he sat at one place and was informed by Gandhari.

 Started thinking about the curse given and then sat under the shade of a tree.

At the same time, the arrow of a hunter named Jara hit his foot, who had mistaken his toe for the mouth of a deer from a distance and fired the arrow. 

When the hunter came to collect the prey, he saw Shri Krishna and started apologizing.

Kanha gave up his body after granting him immunity. When Arjun got the news of Krishna’s demise, he became very sad. 

After this, Arjun reached Dwarka and asked Vasudev ji to order all the people remaining in the city to prepare to go to Hastinapur. Arjun went to Prabhas area and performed the last rites of all the Yaduvansh.

The next day, Vasudev ji passed away and after performing his last rites, Arjun left Dwarka with all the women and children. 

As soon as they left the city, the royal palace and the city of Dwarka were drowned in the sea. According to the popular stories, apart from Mata Gandhari, there was another curse given by the sages to Shri Krishna’s son Samba,.

Actually, once Maharishi Vishwamitra, Dev, Rishi Narad and Kav went to Dwarka, then some boys of Yadav dynasty, for the purpose of mocking the sages, took Shri Krishna’s son Samba in female form and told the sages that this woman is pregnant and you are in her womb. 

Tell us about the growing baby, what will be born?

Seeing themselves being insulted, the sages cursed that a pestle would be born from her womb and that pestle would destroy the entire Yaduvanshi clan.

According to the 23rd and 34th verse of the Mahabharata, on the day Krishna left the earth to join the spiritual world after 125 years, the city drowned in the Arabian Sea and this was the time when Kaliyuga began.

The god of the sea took back the land once again and sank the lost city of Dwarka but saved the palace of Lord Krishna. It is also said that the lost city of Dwarka was attacked by a flying machine ship.

This battle piques the interest of aliens theory cars because it seems that this battle was fought with technology and powerful weapons. 

The spaceship attacked the city using an energy weapon which felt like lightning to the onlookers.

And it was so devastating that most of the city was in ruins after the attack.

Friends, although Dwarka remains a mystery till date, today its remains are being discovered underwater. Let us know what our archaeologists say about it.

Discovery of the Submerged Kingdom, friends, according to Mahabharata, ancient Dwarka was submerged in the sea, due to which today it has become an important archaeological site. 

The Indian Air Force pilots were the first to look at the marine remains of Dwarka.

Who were flying over the sea during that time, only after this it was mentioned in the Gazetteer of Jamnagar in 1970. 

Before this, people said that Dwarka city is an imaginary city and imaginary stories have no history.

But the first historical record of this city is found in the Pali Hotana Copper Plate of the feudal lord Singha Deity of Bhavnagar, Gujarat in the sixth century. 

This inscription is in the capital of Saurashtra on the west coast of Dwarka and the most important thing in it is that it says that Shri Krishna lived here.

After this, people started believing in it. Former head of CSIR i.e. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and scientist Dr. Rajeev Nigam quotes Mahabharata. 

In Mahabharata, Krishna has said that the city of Dwarka was built on the land emerging from the ocean, but When its waters returned to their original place, the city drowned.

He says that the underwater excavation work started near the existing Dwarkadhish temple where a series of temples were found, which means that as the water rose, the places of the temples started moving forward.

This observation convinced India’s famous archaeologist Dr. S.R. Rao asked why not do excavations on the seashore to find out whether there is real evidence of this sunken city here or not. 

After this, in the year 1979, archaeologists Dr. S.R. Rao and His team started searching for it. Together they started looking for evidence of the facts.

Let us tell you that SR Rao says that the thing that inspired him the most for the uncertain excavation in Dwarka was the controversy arising over the date of Mahabharata and its historical facts. 

In this search, thousands of feet below the sea, in its depths, Dwarka was discovered. 

In which a 560 meter long wall of Dwarka was found, the structure of which is similar to the description of Dwarka of Mahabharata. 

According to the description found in mythological texts, there were a total of 50 pillars in Dwarka. Archaeologists found about 30 pillars in this discovery.

Along with this, they also found utensils of that time which were from around 1528 to 3000 BC. More than 500 antiquities were recovered from the site. 

Some samples firmly establish the cultural succession of 2000 years. Stone blocks, pillars and Irrigation systems were discovered although the actual date of these discoveries is still under dispute

But all this evidence proves that Krishna Nagari Dwarka is not an imaginary story, it actually existed. 

Regarding this discovery, Indian ocean scientists say that the archaeological remains found on the western coast of India are more than 9000 years old

In 2005, the exploration of Dwarka city was resumed by The Archaeological Survey of India. The time came to scientifically test the claims and speculations related to the city of Lord Shri Krishna.

In the year 2007, when the archaeological experts in the coastal area near the Gulf of Kutch, with the help of naval divers, did underwater excavation work and also discovered the blocks of limestone lying there, the marine archeological experts of the Archaeological Survey of India discovered these rare samples. 

According to the information received and sent to various laboratories in the country and abroad, these samples do not match the Indus Valley Civilization.

But they were so ancient that everyone was stunned. Naval divers excavated an area of 40,000 square meters and collected samples of building blocks lying there, which were initially described as limestone. 

Archaeological experts said that this block was very old. There are remains of the huge and prosperous Shali city and temple.

According to AK Sinha, Director of Archaeological Survey of India, excavation was done not only under the sea but also on land in Dwarka and coins and many artifacts were also found in this excavation done to a depth of 10 meters.

Dr. Alok Tripathi says that detailed excavation was done in the year 2007. I was the director of this project. 

Here we found ruins in a space of 10 meters which were destroyed by the sea. 

We conducted a hydrographic survey of approximately two nautical miles by one nautical mile area. got it done

Hydrographic survey data of this area shows that the flow of the river is changing. Giving information about the initial results of this third expedition conducted with the Navy, marine archaeological experts of the Archaeological Survey of India said that

These rare samples were sent not only in the country but also to foreign laboratories and according to the information received from there and carbon dating research, these samples are 9500 years old. 

Foreign scientists were also surprised to know the real reason behind sending these samples to foreign laboratories. The aim was that there should be no doubt of any kind on them.

A large number of anchors were found at the site, suggesting that Dwarka was a historical port and may have played a role in trade contacts between the Indian and Arabic regions from the 15th to the 18th century. 

The word Dwarka in Sanskrit means gate or door.

Which indicates that this ancient port city may have served as an access point for foreign sailors visiting India. Archaeologists are now preparing for underwater excavations to discover the foundations of the ancient city walls.

According to AK Sinha, Director of the Archaeological Survey of India, excavations were carried out not only under the sea but also on the land in Dwarka and coins and many artifacts were also found in the excavation done to a depth of 10 meters. 

He believed that the remains found on the land have similarities with the remains found in the sea.

Giving information on this subject, Murali Manohar Joshi, former Minister of Ocean Technology Department of India, had said that not only man-made crafts have been detected through sound images, but an ancient river has also been detected which is up to 9 kilometers long. 

And on its banks itself remains and artifacts of this ancient civilization have been found.

Carbon dating research was also done on the artifacts that were taken out from the sea bed, which revealed that they are also about 9000 years old.

These artifacts are made of wood and have signs of cracking. Murli Manohar Joshi said that his ministry has made this discovery. formed a group to study

Whose job was to take this discovery forward and find out what is the connection with the ancient places of this area. 

Friends, the work of finding out the mysteries related to the ancient Dwarka city mentioned in the Puranas and religious texts and its sinking into the sea has been going on for the last several years. 

Archaeologist AK Sinha said that huge infrastructure is required for underwater exploration work. 

A big project like the discovery of ancient Dwarka city requires a platform in the sea and divers with a lot of experience who can go deep into the water.

When asked about the reason behind Dwarka city sinking into the sea, AK Sinha says that a large part of Dwarka city was submerged in the sea but nothing can be said with full certainty regarding its reason.

Many questions are raised on the opinion of the destruction of Dwarka city. 

Some say that it could be the work of some natural phenomenon, but some scientists say that when the ice age ended 9000 years ago, the sea level rose so much that it Many big cities of the country and the world drowned.

One of those cities was Dwarka. According to one theory, the lost city of Dwarka was built on reclaimed land about 3500 years ago and was submerged in water when the sea level rose. 

Scientific studies have shown that in 1000 AD its Sea levels in the area have risen and fallen several times before reaching their current level.

This change in sea level can be caused by anything from geological disturbances to coastal erosion, although research on this matter is still ongoing and all the evidence found so far proves that this is a real phenomenon. 

And this is also proof of the 35 cities which are written about in Mahabharata.

He is still present among us. The Archaeological Department has found much evidence of this.

India and many countries around it have been mentioned in the Mahabharata. Indraprastha is the capital of India. Delhi is Hastinapur. Today, Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh state.

Kurukshetra is a district of Haryana, Gandhara is located in Afghanistan today, while Shri Krishna’s Dwarka is also a city in Gujarat. Conclusion Friends, from this research it can be said that Dwarka was not a small city but was a vast and prosperous state.

When all these evidences and proofs will be presented in the future to tell the rich and ancient history of India, it will be a matter of great pride for our civilization.

Friends, what do you have to say on this topic? Krishna teaches the essence of life, frees us from unnecessary worries, frees us from unnecessary fear, teaches us to live in the present without worrying about the future, explains the biggest meaning of karma, but today we can see the signs of Shri Krishna in person. 

It is necessary that the ocean be churned once more and what has been started be brought to a conclusion.

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